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  • Who is Zaden Technologies?
    Zaden Technologies is an all remote software technology company that delivers automation solutions for enterprise software product teams.
  • Where are you located?
    Zaden Technologies is an remote company with physical presence in Huntsville, AL (HQ), Camden, TN, Evanston, IL, San Antonio, TX, Palestine, TX, and Alexandria, KY.
  • How do I contact you?
    Phone: 256-479-5503 Email:,
  • What is the origin of Zaden Technologies’ name?
    Zaden comes from Georgian mythology. Zaden, according to the medieval Georgian chronicles, is the god of fruitfulness of the ancient Georgians of Kartli. But really, we are mythology nerds and Zaden was a pretty cool name to pick from at the time of founding.
  • What is Zaden’s DUNS number?
  • What is Zaden’s Cage Code?
  • Which NAICS Codes does Zaden support?
    511210, 541330,541511, 541512, 541715
  • What is Olympus?
    Olympus is a rapidly deployable cloud platform that saves enterprises millions of dollars and reduces the time to market for any new software product. Olympus decreases the initial and ongoing cost of development environments by providing software teams with a no-code Day-1 access to a suite of productivity tools with the appropriate orchestration, networking, and security policies to bootstrap their products.
  • What is an Olympus subscription?
    There are two types of Olympus subscriptions. The Olympus premium support is a $2M/year subscription that comes with 30 Agent nodes, single-sign-on support, air gap installation, quarterly maintenance, 10 integrations per deployment, and email/phone support. The Olympus enterprise subscription is also an annual subscription that includes all the benefits of the premium subscription plus 24/7 technical support, dedicated onsite support, 60 agent nodes, and unlimited integrations per deployments.
  • What are the different subscriptions?
    We offer 3 different pricing tiers for Olympus. Each tier offers different levels of subscription terms, features, technical support, and other options to choose from. Tier 1 is a monthly subscription while Tier 2 and Tier 3 are annual subscriptions.
  • How do I acquire the pricing of each subscription?
    Contact our sales department by emailing with the subject line Olympus.
  • What are the feature upgrades for each tier?
    Tier 2 Upgrades: Increased agent node count, Olympus Dev Stations
  • What is the architecture of an Olympus instance?
    Each Olympus instance comes with 1 load balancer, 3 master nodes, and 7 agent nodes.
  • What support is included with a subscription?
    Every customer gets onboarding support with Tier 1 receiving remote support and Tiers 2 & 3 having the choice of remote and/or in-person support.
  • How are security concerns addressed?
    All Olympus container images are either derived from DoD’s Iron Bank or hardened internally using NSA guidelines and best practices. We also subscribe to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation so that we can receive the latest CVE updates.
  • Where do I find the spec sheets?
  • How many subscriptions will I need?
    One subscription is required per Virtual Private Cloud instance.
  • Can I add specific upgrades to my subscription?
    Yes, there are several add-ons supported with Olympus. See below for options:
  • How is my subscription managed?
    Subscriptions are managed using the Olympus Jira Service Desk customer portal. At the service desk, customers will get insight on their subscription details, and will be able to extend their subscriptions.
  • How long does each subscription last?
    This will depend on the tier. For the basic tier, subscriptions run month to month. Premium and enterprise subscriptions are annual. We offer monthly subscriptions and annual subscriptions.
  • How do I renew my subscription?
    We will contact you in advance of your subscription expiration via email and/or through a representative. You may also reach out to your representative to discuss renewal and changes in your business that may impact subscription usage.
  • What happens if I decide not to renew my subscription?
    If all of your subscriptions expire and you have no other active subscriptions in your organization, you retain the right to use the software under the applicable license terms. Specifically, your data will be accessible with no restrictions. However, your entire cloud native environment will no longer operational or receive any of the subscription benefits, including: The latest certified software versions. Security errata and bug fixes. Zaden Tech’s technical support. Access to the Olympus Customer Portal.
  • How do I purchase a subscription?
    Contact our sales team at
  • What is a business consultant?
    Business consultants serve as professional advisors to help companies achieve their goals or streamline operations in a particular area of the business, such as sales, IT, finance, marketing, supply chain management, HR, operations, engineering, and security.
  • Why do I need a business consulting service?
    Our Zadeneers are subject matter experts that can help improve your business performance and achieve technological innovations needed for you customer segments. Through our consulting services, we offer industry-leading software development and technology products utilizing advanced methodologies such as artificial intelligence, DevSecOps, Agile product development, active system monitoring, and cloud computing.
  • What solutions do you provide through your consulting services?
    DevSecOps - software factory, containerization, orchestration, cloud-native, continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment, canary & dark releases, shadow deployments, A/B testing, blue/green deployment, circuit breaking, mutual TLS, fault injection, traffic tracing, and active monitoring. UX/UI - mobile-first design, user persona, UI heatmaps, API funnel analysis, A/B testing, and heuristic evaluation. Full-Stack Software development - microservices, API design, API gateway, Strangler pattern, software modernization, services mesh, model-based automatic code generation, message interfaces, and modeling & simulation. Embedded systems development - mission-critical, flight-critical, wearables, Internet Of Things, DO-178C, MIL-STD-498, RTOS, 1553 bus, and VxWorks. AI/ML - deep learning, computer vision, predictive maintenance, random forests, back-propagation, NLP, k-nearest neighbors, radar target tracking & classification, leave-one-out cross-validation, bayesian networks, reinforced learning.
  • What can you help me with?
    Product Design and Development Our team members have the expertise and experience to design and develop software products from the ground up while leveraging cutting edge technologies to make software products more resilient, scalable, and cheaper to maintain. We produce highly-scalable and robust software solutions on cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure or on Cloud Native environments using self-hosted Kubernetes clusters for secure, air gapped, and private systems. Product and Systems Modernization We provide services for modernizing existing products and systems including languages, development tools, processes, infrastructure. Our modernization services will help your teams implement lasting changes that will improve development speed, product quality, and reduce project costs.
  • What industries or businesses do you specialize in?
    Although a majority of our customers are currently in Aerospace and Defense, we really tend to focus on commercial enterprise software teams.
  • What size companies do you work with?
    Midsize to large businesses.
  • Do you work with startups?
    Depends on funding level and size of project. Contact for more information.
  • How do you price your services?
    Depending on the nature of the work, this can be based on an hourly rate or a fixed cost fee.
  • Do you guarantee your services?
    Nobody can make that guarantee, however, we are as good as our last job! We are confident in our ability to provide you with a service that will significantly impact your business.
  • What results can I expect from working with you as a consultant?
    Expertise and knowledge: Zaden consultants typically have specialized knowledge and experience in a particular field or industry. We can provide insights and recommendations based on our expertise, which can help you make better-informed decisions. Objectivity and perspective: As an outsider to your organization, we can provide an objective perspective on your business challenges and opportunities. This can help you identify blind spots and find new solutions. Efficiency and productivity: Our consultants can help you streamline processes, improve workflows, and increase productivity. They can identify areas where you may be wasting time or resources and help you optimize your operations. Implementation support: All of our consultants are technical. We can also help you implement changes and new solutions within your organization. We can provide training and support to ensure that new processes are successfully integrated into your workflow.
  • Do I need to be tech-savvy to work with you?
    No, our solutions are intuitive and understandable by the general public..
  • How much will I be expected to do?
    Our consultant will expect you to assist them in as many ways as is necessary to implement the solutions to the problems that have been identified. The relationship between you and the advisor is a partnership where you work together to make sure that the solutions to the company’s problems are implemented fully. If you do this, it will ensure that the company gains the most from this exercise. Obviously the consultant will not ask you to do anything unplanned or put pressure on the time you spend running the company
  • Do you sign non-disclosure agreements?
  • What technical tools do you use for your consulting work?
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