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About Zaden Tech

Zaden’s mission is to simplify the delivery and improve the utility of software products for our customers. We believe in leveraging automation to achieve unrivaled speed and quality while delivering new features to automate a smarter future.

Zaden Technologies is an all-remote company incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Huntsville, Al. Zaden Technologies specializes in delivering software and engineering consultancy services and products for defense and space systems. We offer industry-leading software development and technology products utilizing advanced methodologies such as artificial intelligence, DevSecOps, Agile product development, active system monitoring, and cloud computing.

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The Zaden Difference

“Zaden DNA codes”

We create the most lovable products

We are our customer’s biggest advocates

We automate everything

We learn cross-functionally but manage our domain

We often ask “why” and don’t blindly agree

We make scalable decisions

We move fast

The Zaden Difference
Sectors We Serve

Sectors We Serve

The Zaden Process

The Zaden Process


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Contact sales or set up an introductory call or book online here.


We work with you to ensure the right solution for your business needs.


We work together to establish a contract and scope of work.


We maintain our commitment to supporting you and providing you with the best possible solution.

Our Team

Meet Our Founders

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