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The No-Code Software Factory Platform.

Problem: Software Development is Complicated


Traditional development is vulnerable to external delays. In an age of shortening product life cycles Zaden's innovative solutions empower you to go to market sooner.

Solution: Olympus Infrastructure Platform


Delivers customizable software infrastructure so you can focus on your product goals.

The Product

Easily configurable

Instantly deployable 

Fast-tracks product development

Shrinks time to market- from months to days

Cyber Hardened

Olympus Factory.png

The Benefits

Development Benefits

Security, Monitoring, and Development Checks

Faster Speed of Recovery

Transparency of Development Process

Measurable Security

AutomatesCyber Security Controls

​End-to-End Flexibility

Selectivity of Kubernetes Distribution

Support for Helm Charts

Produces current Software Bill of Materials 

Program Benefits

Mitigates delays in Intake Process

Delivers Results Sooner

Reduced NRE on IT infrastructure

Eliminates Cloud Vendor Lock

Alleviates Staffing Concerns

Olympus Kubernetes Engine (OKE) Option
(Coming Soon)


Delivers customizablesoftware infrastructure so you can focus on your product goals.

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