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Zaden Talks DevSecOps

What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is short for development, security, and operations.The purpose of DevSecOps is to combine and automate software development, security, and IT operations from the start and at every phase in the software development lifecycle. The implementation of DevSecOps has a vast amount of benefits including cost-effectiveness; rapid, high-quality software delivery; proactive security; accelerated security vulnerability patching; and automation through a repeatable and adaptive process.

DevSecOps Requirements:

DevSecOps is an evolution in the way developers and organizations approach security.For that reason, it is no surprise that there is a growing need for its implementation.More and more government and commercial agencies are modernizing their IT through DevSecOps practices.Zaden Technologies offers a team of experts to help address and automate all of your DevSecOps needs. Our team is versed in various DevSecOps tools to include: Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Istio, Kubernetes, Helm, and Docker/Podman.

Zaden is Your DevSecOps Solution:

Zaden Technologies is an industry leader in software automation solutions. We help streamline development workflows, product automation, and capability deployment. Our data scientists and engineers work collaboratively to provide adaptive machine learning applications, bring legacy applications to modern standards, and deploy predictive, highly available workloads to various operational environments. Our customers use Zaden to lower costs and improve efficiency across their business and program operations.

Zaden's DevSecOps Expertise:

The Zaden team specializes in containerization, orchestration, cloud-native, continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment, canary & dark releases, shadow deployments, A/B testing, blue/green deployment, circuit breaking, mutual TLS, fault injection, traffic tracing, and active monitoring.


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